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From poplar to plywood

The facility covers an area of about 68,600 sq. m and employs more than 200 people; it ensures continuous processing for about 300 days a year, for an annual production potential of about 40,000 tons of plywood panels.

  • Cultivation

    10,000 hectares of poplar groves grown for Panguaneta, of which 50% is managed directly and 50% is purchased from qualified suppliers; 100% from controlled sources.

  • Cutting and replanting of trees

    Each trunk cut down is replaced by a new plant: thanks to the rotation of crops and respect for the natural poplar growth cycle (10 years), the poplar grove is always alive.

  • Barking

    In the nearby area, the logs are selected and barked.

  • Leafing

    This procedure makes it possible to obtain the veneer for the subsequent composition phase. Secondary products are rounds (reused in packaging) and bark (intended for energy recovery).

  • Drying

    The drying of the wood veneer is carried out with the thermal energy produced internally and 90% from renewable sources: virgin biomass.

  • Composition and glueing

    Selection and composition of the layers using wood veneer with crossed fibres (alternating longitudinal and transversal fibres) to maximize the mechanical properties of the final product.

  • Pressing

    The layered and glued panel is hot pressed.

  • Finishing

    The plywood is squared, calibrated and smoothed and is eventually subjected to quality control.

  • Storage and warehouse

    The plywood panels are stored in the warehouse and the final shipment is planned.

Human resources

Panguaneta recognises the value and dignity of work, therefore we are committed to guaranteeing a healthy work environment for all its employees. It promotes stable and long-lasting employment, and today 200 out of 206 employees are hired on a permanent basis; moreover, the turnover rate is low.

percentage of
permanent employees

  • Employees with permanent contracts

  • Employees with fixed-term contracts

Emission control and climate change

Panguaneta has halved its CO2eq emissions per ton of plywood produced, measured in the 2014-2020 period thanks to the GHG Inventory, above all through huge investments: the company relies on a cutting-edge thermal power plant which has made its production cycle self-sufficient in terms of energy. Emissions are constantly monitored and analysed, and records are kept so that the collected data can be analysed and evaluated.

ghg emissions


emissions intensity

(kgCO2eq/ton product)

sources of ghg emissions
(comparison 2014-2022)

  • Fossil fuels

  • Renewables

Energy efficiency

Panguaneta aims at energy efficiency, intended as the reduction of emissions and energy consumption per product unit. The thermal energy necessary for the production of plywood, such as drying and hot pressing, is now produced by the new thermal power plant fed with biomass, Which totally replaces fossil fuels.

Water resource

Thanks to the Environmental Management System, Panguaneta monitors water discharges and withdrawals to optimize the use of this precious resource.

Waste recovery

Most of the waste resulting from panel production is made up of processing scraps. With the installation of cutting-edge heating systems, Panguaneta uses waste to feed the boiler, allowing a significant increase in energy recovery. Another portion of the processing waste is sold and reused for applications in the wood sector.

percentage of waste
sent for recovery
out of the total

  • Waste sent for recovery

  • Waste sent to landfill

Investments and innovation

In the last years, Panguaneta invested around 50% of the average annual turnover in technological innovation for the plants, thus increasing the efficiency of plywood production and reducing waste. Thanks to the substantial investments in the field of research and development, Panguaneta has developed a new gluing system for a new generation of plywood panels that combine environmental sustainability with their traditional and enhancing mechanical properties - lightness, ease of processing and versatility.

Risk management

By adopting the Risk Management principles, Panguaneta is able to promptly detect and solve any environmental, social and economic criticalities.

Towards Carbon Neutrality

Panguaneta has studied and assessed its Carbon Footprint through the LCA - Life Cycle Assessment, an analytical and systematic methodology that evaluates the environmental impact of a product throughout its entire life cycle. Through a three-year plan to reduce CO2eq emissions, it also aims at the neutralization of its Carbon Footprint and the achievement of Carbon Neutrality certification.

Organisation efficiency

Panguaneta is committed to global corporate social responsibility: in this regard, it has achieved the UNI EN ISO 9001 (quality management), UNI EN ISO 14001 (environmental management) and UNI EN ISO 50001 (energy management) system certifications.

Stable and safe work

Human resource management is a strategic aspect for Panguaneta, which implements various policies to grant a healthy, welcoming and fair work environment for everyone, with special attention paid to gender equality, particularly in specialized areas of the company, in compliance with the Code of Ethics.

Continuous training

Panguaneta is committed to fostering the workers’ training and participation. Our staff is qualified, competent, aware, motivated and involved in every phase of the business process.

Certified gender equality

Panguaneta ha adottato e certificato la prassi UNI PdR 125/22 per la Parità di genere e si impegna ad assumerne i comportamenti prescritti nella ricerca e selezione del personale, nella concessione dei congedi genitoriali, predisponendo questionari interni per prevenire eventuali situazioni di discriminazione e organizzando corsi di formazione e sensibilizzazione per promuovere la cultura di equità di genere.

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