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Our roots

Panguaneta is a family-run company, now in its third generation, which produces poplar plywood. It is located in Sabbioneta, on the banks of the Po river, in an area that has always been devoted to poplar cultivation.

Principles and values

Panguaneta cultivates every relationship coherently and consciously: with the local community to which it belongs as well as with customers and suppliers, workers and stakeholders, thus establishing relationships based on loyalty, cooperation and mutual respect.


The close relationship between Panguaneta and the local territory is also confirmed by the business management: 40% of company costs for the activities is located in the territory (the province of Mantua and the surrounding area), for a total amount of about € 30 million. Thus, the international reach of Panguaneta (about 80% of exports) contributes to the growth of the territory.

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A family-run business

The company is owned by the Azzi e Tenca families, the founders of the company, who have always been strongly connected with the Sabbioneta area, where they reside. The third generation is gradually integrated into the company, joining the second one, who is currently running the family company.


The key to our success lies in our ability to improve the performance of our customers: more than 2,000 items in our catalogue can be customised to meet their requests. The products made by Panguaneta are mainly intended for the construction, automotive, nautical and furniture industries, through a distribution network in over 25 Countries around the world. 78% of our commercial relationships involve foreign Countries, while the remaining 22% of the products is marketed on the national territory. Panguaneta establishes long-lasting partnerships with its customers, integrating their visions and sharing their development goals.

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Sectors of application of Panguaneta plywood


Supply chain

Panguaneta has signed an important cooperation agreement with Intesa Sanpaolo, allowing 250 companies to access loans more quickly and under better terms with the purpose of further developing their businesses. Panguaneta encourages its suppliers to adopt correct and certified practices, bringing the highest sustainability standards to the territory, through the adhesion to the FSC® Chain of Custody (license Code FSC-C019345) and PEFC/18-31-30.

Contributions to the territory

Panguaneta promotes various activities in the area, aware of its ability to contribute to the development and well-being of the citizens of Sabbioneta. Sponsorships covered many sectors: art and culture, sport and social issues. Moreover, in 2020, Panguaneta strongly supported the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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