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Panguaneta plywood

Panguaneta poplar wood can be turned into large sheets and panels without any defects. The resulting plywood panel has unique characteristics: Lightness, colour, high homogeneity, ease of processing, glueing and finishing and can be used for a wide range of applications, even in the most demanding processing industries. Panguaneta plywood is a 100% made In Italy certified poplar product made of short supply chain wood.

Panguaneta plywood made for life

Panguaneta poplar plywood is extremely versatile and sustainable: it is suitable for numerous applications, and, wherever it is used, it offers benefits to the environment, safety and well-being of people. although it is invisible from the outside, it is already part of your daily life, in fact you can find it:

At home

Panguaneta plywood welcomes you when you come home: it protects you from heat and cold, makes your furniture light and safe, supports your steps and covers your walls.

At work

Panguaneta plywood makes your workplace safe, and protects you and your colleagues from mould, humidity, fires and noises.

In your leisure time

Panguaneta plywood improves your well-being: it is a healthy and sustainable material that reduces the impact on the environment of rooms, furniture and... even the wood flooring on which you make your yoga exercises!

For new generations

Panguaneta plywood makes the furniture and coatings of kindergartens, schools and universities safe and sustainable.

For your loved ones

Panguaneta plywood covers and furnishes public places, including hospitals and retirement homes.

On a journey

Panguaneta plywood also surrounds you on trains or boats: it is light and strong, and meets all the international transport safety standards.

... and in your adventures

Panguaneta plywood accompanies you on your most adventurous journeys: on a sailboat, a motorised yacht or in your camper van.

Environmental benefits of poplar plywood

Growing more poplars results in greater net storage of CO2; wood preserves its ability to store CO2 throughout the entire useful life of panels. Therefore, using plywood to replace the other building materials (typically cement, steel and plastic materials) ensures significant benefits in terms of impact on the climate and reduces the consumption of fossil fuels.

environmental product declaration

Panguaneta is the first company in Italy for the plywood sector and the first in Europe for poplar plywood that has obtained the EPD® certification - Environmental Product Declaration. The EPD® certification grants the transparent management of its ecological impact and is an important information tool for the global environmental performance.

Blauer Engel

IPanguaneta plywood has also obtained the Blauer Engel certification which attests to the environmental, health and performance requirements.

Glueing and emissions

Panguaneta plywood has been approved according to the Living Building Challenge, the world's strictest standard for “green” buildings, managed by the International Living Future Institute. Panguaneta produces more than 50% of its plywood with E05 emissions and exports panels falling within CARB2 and NAF emission classes.

Formaldehyde emissions table

(Typical emissions of plywood panels - Source: CARB Test Protocol)

  • Performance Panguaneta

  • Valori limite


Panguaneta has developed its new PureGlue, high-tech and NAF (No Added Formaldehyde) plywood resulting from a cutting-edge gluing system based on vegetable proteins: the ideal solution for a new way of building, totally healthy and safe.

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